+ high power
= Lightning fast EV Charging.


The energy sector and the transport sector are in transition.

Let's link them.


Capacity gap power module

Charge from your station AND the grid. Our integrated power module interfaces with your battery and solar systems.

Get the supply you need when you need it.

Reduce grid interconnection costs.

Lower your carbon footprint with renewables.

Give customers a cost-effective mix of power sources.

Grid happiness

Unbuild a power plant by using the power stored in your idle EVs. Our High-Power Chargers (HPC) are bi-directional–also known as vehicle to grid (V2G), so we can all do our part to lower the burden of peak demand.

Flexibly designed to accommodate local connection infrastructure.

Utility V2G + SCADA Integration. 

Charging Network Nirvana

Ultra-fast charging from high power and efficiency delivered by active liquid cooling.

User-centred interfaces: 
Operator Remote Monitoring (Maintenance/Support), Consumer Status Reports.

Open Charge-point protocol (OCPP 1.6, 2.0).

Compact satellite stations (Several DC chargers up to 60KW e.g., limited parking spaces at retail lots)

Generate revenue via. units that include 55" screens for advertising, directions, promotions, etc.

Customer Joy

Let your customers turn their idle energy into $.

HPC means your customers never have to wait.

App lets your customers see station locations and availability.



Buses (School, municipal, transportation, etc.) 
Fleets (Delivery, municipal, transport, etc.)
Trucks (Construction, delivery, etc.)  
High-end consumer EVs (Porsche Tycan, Mercedes EQS, Audi e-tron, etc.)



Fast charging in existing grids
Large charging parks
Mobile charging stations
Compact satellite stations (Several DC chargers up to 60 kW e.g., limited parking spaces at retail lots)
Large charging with DC-distribution grid (Extensive installations with low investment and minimal losses)

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Proventus Global Inc. is a local (North America), agile, full-cycle energy solution provider. We can analyze energy needs or issues, and supply, implement and monitor in one relationship.​


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