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Put your power quality problems behind you.


Continuous, high-volume production manufacturers, large commercial enterprises, public facilities where staff can't work without power, and of course, essential services providers shouldn't have to think about power quality. But you do.

Reactive power, load imbalances, voltage sags, flicker, and voltage interruptions. Power quality challenges lead to equipment wear and downtime, inventory wastage, additional maintenance and repair, higher operating costs, and grid compliance issues.

Where loads are designed to run within specific voltage ranges, irregularities of milliseconds can cause equipment failure.

Let PG connect your high-precision production equipment up to the consistent, stable voltage your operation needs.


Reactive power and harmonic in industrial grids

Large industrial drives, powerful converters, and  electro-chemical processes require more reactive power at the connection point. Energy suppliers know and charge a premium for it.

The many cables, transformers, and cable connections commonly required for the process reduce grid efficiency.

Our passive compensation systems and filter circuits provide reactive power where it's needed, improve supply reliability, and cut energy costs.

Voltage drops, imbalance and flicker

Highly dynamic loads, such as those encountered in electric arc furnaces, result in milliseconds ranging voltage drops and imbalanced conditions.

Our modular, dynamic compensation systems (active filter / SVC / STATCOM) respond to variable grid loads in real-time and guarantee optimal, balanced grid conditions with minimal use of reactive power and reduced harmonics at all times. Flicker effects are also compensated.


Grid resonance and overcompensation

Management of reactive power, voltage stability, and resonance avoidance is typically challenging for offshore projects, urban grids, road and railway tunnels and other grids with complex cable requirements.

Our inductive compensation systems, filter circuits, active filters and STATCOMs ensure interference-free energy supplies.

Voltage stability in the distribution and transmission grid

Decentralized, volatile feed-in of renewable energies into the distribution grid aggravates voltage stability in the medium- and low-voltage grid. The grid expansion typically required is expensive. 

Our mechanical switched RLC elements in damping grids increase grid capacity so you can use your existing setup and avoid laborious expansion efforts.

Proventus's energy as a service™ model includes:

Proventus's energy as a service™ model includes:

Proventus's energy as a service™ model includes:

Proventus's energy as a service™ model includes:

Proventus's energy as a service™ model includes:

Context: Analysis and studies to ensure we're specifying only what you need to meet your power quality requirements and comply with connection codes.

Flexibility: Having specified the number of power modules (IPU) necessary for your specific application, our modular system design is adjustable on the job.

Support: Monitoring, maintenance and service. And flexible payment model to accommodate operating or capital approaches, with financing available for implementation.

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