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Convert energy from your local/onsite power source into electricity for your facility (solar and energy storage).


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The world's fastest onsite charging stations for your electric vehicles.

It's 2021. Why is downtime still a concern for manufacturers, enterprise, and essential services? Why is it so complicated to manage local microgrids? And why does it take 30 minutes to charge a bus, truck or car?

Proventus Global is on a mission to leapfrog energy product and service delivery into the present. 

Energy as a service model:

We're a local (North America), agile, full-cycle energy solution provider.

Now you can access energy systems studies (free), engineering, design, implementation, maintenance and service in one relationship.


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Company Contacts

Denis Steyn
President, CEO

Charles Levine
Director of Sales

Paul Walker
Sales Manager (West)


Proventus Global Inc. is a local (North America), agile, full-cycle energy solution provider. We can analyze energy needs or issues, and supply, implement and monitor in one relationship.​

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